18 Jan 2012

Apa kabar dunia?

Duduk terdiam, melamun, tersentak kaget, ambil sebatang rokok lalu bakar, hisap sambil melamun. Puntung jatuh ke baju, tersadar, melamun lagi. Hingga puntung berikutnya. Selalu begitu begitu dan begitu lagi. 

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30 Sep 2011


Buat saya, Flea  me-reply tweet itu adalah momen hebat. ^_^ Canggih! FYI: Flea adalah pemain bas dari grup musik calon legendaris, Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

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23 Mar 2011


This is a piece of trace-thing so called triangulation.

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15 Mar 2011


zacharias de la rocha former front man of rage againts the machine.
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1 Mar 2011

unfinished jón þór birgisson

Jón “Jónsi” Þór Birgisson (pronounced [ˈjouːn ˈθouːr ˈpɪrkɪsɔn, ˈjounsɪ]  ( listen)) (born April 23, 1975) is the guitarist and vocalist for the Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós. He is known for his use of a cello bow on guitar and his falsetto voice. He is also blind in his right eye and is openly gay.[1][2] His boyfriend Alex Somers has done much of the graphic design for Sigur Rós. They also perform together as an art collaboration called Jónsi & Alex. They released their self-titled first book in November 2006, which was an embossed hardcover limited to 1000 copies,[3] along with their first album, Riceboy Sleeps, in July 2009. Jónsi is a raw food vegan.[4]
On December 1, 2009, Jónsi's official website, jonsi.com, was launched in anticipation of his debut solo album, Go, which was released the week of April 5, 2010. After the release of the album, Jónsi promptly started a worldwide tour across North America and Europe, featuring songs from the album plus a few other selections, planning to tour from March–September.
In late January 2010, Jónsi had announced that Sigur Rós was on "an indefinite hiatus," as the band had scrapped plans for a new album previously announced to be released in 2010, saying that "they were just rumors." The band has decided to take the year off, as several members of Sigur Rós recently had children, and as Jonsi's solo career has been developing.[5]  

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Bung 2

gambar diolah dari template gratis C4D

Trek Bung ini sudah pernah di upload, tak ada salahnya diupload lagi biar tak hanya sebagai kenangan, biar tak tercecer. Dan tak salah untuk download dan mendengarkan barang tiga empat ketuk saja. :)

grab here

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Seikh AbdulQodr Alzaelani

Seikh AbdulQodr Alzaelani
Through the mists of legend surrounding the life of Shaikh 'Abd al-Qaadir al-Jiilaanii, it is possible to discern the outlines of the following biographical sketch:
 In A.H. 488, at the age of eighteen, he left his native province to become a student in the great capital city of Baghdaad, the hub of political, commercial and cultural activity, and the center of religious learning in the world of Islaam.  After studying traditional sciences under such teachers as the prominent Hanbalii jurist [faqiih], Abuu Sa'd 'Alii al-Mukharrimii, he encountered a more spiritually oriented instructor in the saintly person of Abu'l-Khair Hammaad ad-Dabbaas.
Then, instead of embarking on his own professorial career, he abandoned the city and spent twenty-five years as a wanderer in the desert regions of 'Iraaq.  He was over fifty years old by the time he returned to Baghdaad, in A.H. 521/1127 C.E., and began to preach in public.  His hearers were profoundly affected by the style and content of his lectures, and his reputation grew and spread through all sections of society.  He moved into the school [madrasa] belonging to his old teacher al-Mukharrimii, but the premises eventually proved inadequate.
In A.H. 528, pious donations were applied to the construction of a residence and guesthouse [ribaat], capable of housing the Shaikh and his large family, as well as providing accommodation for his pupils and space for those who came from far and wide to attend his regular sessions [majaalis]. 
He lived to a ripe old age, and continued his work until his very last breath, as we know from the accounts of his final moments recorded in the Addendum to Revelations of the Unseen.
In the words of Shaikh Muzaffer Ozak Efendi:  "The venerable 'Abd al-Qaadir al-Jiilaanii passed on to the Realm of Divine Beauty in A.H. 561/1166 C.E., and his blessed mausoleum in Baghdaad is still a place of pious visitation.  He is noted for his extraordinary spiritual experiences and exploits, as well as his memorable sayings and wise teachings.  It is rightly said of him that 'he was born in love, grew in perfection, and met his Lord in the perfection of love.'  May the All-Glorious Lord bring us in contact with his lofty spiritual influence!"
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